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Rekordbox performance: separate browse windows for each deck. (UPDATE)

I recently picked up the new DDJ 1000 and i think it's fantastic - one of the features my old controller didn't have was dual browse knobs. I feel these could be much better utilised in the rekordbox performance software.

It would be great if the browse window was divided down the centre, and the browse knobs on each deck controlled a different side of the browse window. This would emulate the effect of having separate screens on individual decks as you would on your CDJ setups, and mean two people could potentially browse at once! Would love to see this in rekordbox.


my post got a reply saying that this would over complicate the view - i probably should have mentioned that this could be an option in the preferences as there would be times it was great (e.g. b2b sets) and times where you may not need it. if it got too cluttered in 4 deck mode it could be disabled.

I've attached a mock up below. Essentially, all the navigation would be done like on a cdj, without the playlist sidebar. 'Playlist Palette' (shift + back) could be used to jump back to the top level of playlists (as if you pressed link/usb on a cdj) and a reduced amount of metadata could be shown (such as track, artist, album, bmp):

above all it's a feature i'd really, really like to see and i know a lot of people who also would benefit from this. there's no equivalent in serato or traktor so this would be great to make the product stand out and get more functionality out of the unit.  

Please pioneer, implement this and make your outstanding units even better!


Harry Talbot

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