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Pioneer plx 500 motor gone

So a couple of weeks ago the motor on one of my plx 500 stopped working, I left it back to the shop to be repaired and am awaiting it to be returned, now last night while playing on my other plx 500 that motor has stopped working!! Both turntable's are 7 months old, I have read that alot if these turntable's motors are breaking and I'm far from happy about this, so now I'll have to leave the second one into be repaired, I have 5 months warranty remaining on these what happens if the motor break after the warranty is up, I paid for a pioneer product that clearly has commen issues

Paul Drain Answered

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@Paul > Sorry to hear about that, please do contact Pioneer DJ technical support for an in-warranty repair. Should the issue occur outside of your warranty, contact our team for information on coverage - I'm not sure if they are providing a consideration or extending the warranty after the repair.

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