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MUTE state changing the PATTERNS in DJS-1000

Its impossible to work with different Patterns because when you change the patterns you dont know what MUTE will be actif or not.


-Pattern 1-
- all the tracks have sounds and loops
- but you are using just the track 1
- the rest are mute on.

(you have a Pattern2- with different steps but the last time of you was using the pattern 2 all the tracks was NOT MUTED)

When you are doing a performance and you are playing the Pattern 1 (with only the track 1 not muted) and you decide to change to PATTERN 2 ( and you dont know of the mast time of you used the pattern 2 all the tracks were  with all the tracks NOT MUTED)

Then you HAVE A BAD SURPRISE when you change the pattern!
ALL THE SOUNDS start to be played even if you was using just the track 1 not muted.

PLEASE change the way of the MUTE like the Toraiz SP-16 ( when you change the Patterns).

Because its impossible to use different patterns without know what track was muted or not.

Thank You  ( I really would like to know to change this, I have Toraiz-SP-16 but the way of the mute in PATTERN is not the same in DJS-1000)

Thank you very much 


Rafa Answered

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Our team is working on improvements with each update - thanks for your feedback.

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