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When will you give us the option to disable auto-fill. It is absolutely the bain of my existence with this program. It has NEVER got it correct. All it does is force you to have to go back and delete characters and start over. It legit turns a simple 10 min task into a 30 min chore when dealing with 100+ tracks.

Understand this. A good idea, with atrocious implementation, is going to be horrible no matter which way you spin it. It has to be done correctly. For ideas on how to do auto-fill check out Google. You type, it gives you the options in lighter shade so that you can *enter* to auto-fill, or you can just keep typing if it's incorrect option. In rekordbox I type two characters and .05 seconds later the whole text field is filled in with a completely wrong artist / genre / etc. Then you have to delete n-2 characters and keep going from there, hoping it doesn't pick up something else where you'll just have to delete again. 

Either do it right or don't do it at all. The most simple solution to this is just give us the option to disable in the preferences. Listen to the people. 

Jorge Asecio

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lol - I hate it too; it's on the list for improvements but unfortunately I don't have a timeline for any changes. Thanks for your feedback.

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You guys do updates.  Just remove it until you guys want to put time into fixing it.

I hate that I only come to this website when some stupid idiosyncratic issue that shouldn't be an issue causes me to not enjoy my time with your products.

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I know the rekordbox team has it on their list for a fix in a future update.

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