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Bar count - number of bars until next Hot Cue

Hi - I'm new to Reckordbox (converting from Djay Pro).

We can view number of bars until the next memory cue (tbh I'm not sure what that is) but my instinct is that I want to see number of bars until next Hot Cue.

Eg I have a drop stored as a hot cue - I want to easily find 8 bars before that point to commence a mix and/or create a new hot cue.

Apologies if this can already be done / I'm not using the performance mode / export modes correctly.



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Unfortunately the countdown is only for memory points (although we have had requests for it to count down to hot cues, that's not currently available). You can change the memory point countdown to be either beats or bars, via the preferences.

You can easily jump back 8 bars from a drop by switching to the Beat Jump mode and skipping back 32 beats (8 bars x 4 beats = 32 beats).

You'll want to do this in PERFORMANCE mode as EXPORT mode is primarily for organizing tracks and exporting them to USB devices for use with CDJ players.

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