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Rekordbox updates

I note there has just been an update (beta 3) made available. Are there any updates to RB DMX included  in this? If not, why not? There are a lot of users out here waiting on these updates. Over 3 months have passed since the initial release. A company the size of Pioneer should be able to work faster than this.....

Andy Beech

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+1, frustrated and disapointed : 400 euros and no RB-DMX1 updates to fix important missing features.

Olivier Frappier 0 votes

And, unsurprisingly, No response to our comments......not even....there will be updates, but we don't know when.....come on Pioneer, sort this mess out. You have customers who have invested in your products and are waiting desperately for the necessary updates in order for it to function as it should.....

Andy Beech 0 votes

To be fair, In the scheme of things, the development pace of Rekordbox's performance features has been impressive and comparatively lightning fast. The issue is that software development is kind of like an egg and spoon race. They're going fast, rather than slow and steady.

Pioneer has been sprinting to get flashy marquee features ready (DVS, Lighting, Video/Lyrics) but in it's haste to show us it's flashy new trousers, it's kind of forgotten to zip up it's flies.

There are loads of little obvious seeming "low hanging fruit" and many quality-of life-fixes and features that I hope they turn their attention to. If they show as much enthusiasm for the little things as they do for the big marketing-bullet-point features then Rekordbox will be very hard to beat.

I feel the same way about the DDJ-1000

First reaction - Amazing! Awesome features, makes you want to make it your primary platform... but doing a deeper diver there's some questionable choices and omissions that makes you feel it's all a little undercooked

Hopefully 5.3-6.0 will chill out and look within :P

Mark Charade 0 votes