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Custom FX on DJMs

Just a quick suggestion about the DJM mixers : how about integrating every single effect into the mixer, and letting the user choose which to actually activate by connecting the DJM to a computer. In my opinion if would be a great improvement. That way, if I buy a DJM, I know I'll have access to potential new FX ...

Lucas Marchal Answered

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This is something that has been on the table for years -- even back with the DJM-800 that did not have any computer connection nor an easy way to update the firmware, users were asking to have some kind of custom FX.

As @Armand says, the "walled garden" approach ensures that when you come to the DJM at the club, you know exactly what the effects are and how they work, as opposed to the totally customized and unexpected effects the resident DJ has configured. But with the ability to load our custom settings to a CDJ from our rekordbox-prepared USB drive, I would love to see a similar function for DJMs (as this would help mitigate the "unexpected" configuration noted above). Hopefully a future model will integrate this kind of feature, but none of the current hardware could support it.

Thanks for your feedback. 

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Pioneer are like Apple. They don't like users to be able to customise settings etc. too much, so that every user (DJ) that rocks up to the club/festival knows exactly what to expect and how Pioneer gear will operate and thus is super stable and reliable.

Maybe in future Pioneer could add 2 more effects named (USER 1 and USER 2) that you could have the option to customise/add effects etc. 

Even better would be if those "USER EFFECTS" could be saved on your Rekordbox flashdrive settings?


I think in future your Rekordbox user settings would work together with DJM mixers as well?  

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