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Team DJing Via 2 Copies of Rekordbox DJs with two Laptops and two DDJs all synced to same clock

Seems like we need a way to use more than one DDJ at once for two DJs to play a team DJ set.

I know that it's too difficult to use two DDJS to control one copy of Rekordbox DJ due to conflict in the mapping (or that's what I thought I heard).

But couldn't a solid software solution be to allow two copies of Rekordbox DJ to communicate in some fashion so that a second Laptop and second DDJ controller with its own copy of Rekordbox could master tempo clock sync up to a primary laptop and its copy of Rekordbox DJ.

This way the two DDJs and all 4 - 8 tracks could be synced up to one clock.

Could this please happen. I have a feeling a lot of people could be interested in it and it would give owners of one DDJ an incentive to buy a second one if they have another laptop. Or incentive to convince a friend to buy their own DDJ to play together.

Help please! Thanks and cheers.

Joshua Stewart

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