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TORAIZ SP-16 Sampling BPM Error

Since the release of Firmware 1.5 I've been missing around with the live sampling feature. But when I use the Pro-DJ Link to sample from one of my CDJ-2000s I run into an error where the sampling BPM is different from the BPM that plays on the CDJ-2000. Let's say

- BPM on CDJ is 124

- On the TORAIZ  'Sync Source Select' is set to "Pro DJ Link"

- BPM on TORAIZ is identically displayed as 124 (and hence it's not possible to change manually)

- I press Shift + Track to go into Live Sampling mode and select one of the pads

- Set a 16 beat sampling length

- After I press the pad to sample the sampling period is wrong and the name of the sample is 'BPM120_##' where ## is the number of samples i've been trying to make.

I tried this procedure both with all settings of Quantize on and off. 

- If instead I set  'Sync Source Select' to "Internal" on the TORAIZ the sampling time is perfect. 

 - The firmware version on the CDJ-2000s is 1.40.


Could somebody please enlighten me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!

Zig Zag

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It happens to me too... The bpm sync is not working via "pro DJ link" after the firmware update.

Danny Dee 0 votes
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Synchronization of beats on Toraiz SP 16 and 2x CDJ 2000 NXS2 connected to DJM 900 NXS2 on PRO DJ LINK is very bad. Toraiz shows 138 BPM just like on CDJ, but the rhythms don't fit.


Rosta Rosta 0 votes
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