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TORAIZ SP-16 Sampling BPM Error

Since the release of Firmware 1.5 I've been missing around with the live sampling feature. But when I use the Pro-DJ Link to sample from one of my CDJ-2000s I run into an error where the sampling BPM is different from the BPM that plays on the CDJ-2000. Let's say

- BPM on CDJ is 124

- On the TORAIZ  'Sync Source Select' is set to "Pro DJ Link"

- BPM on TORAIZ is identically displayed as 124 (and hence it's not possible to change manually)

- I press Shift + Track to go into Live Sampling mode and select one of the pads

- Set a 16 beat sampling length

- After I press the pad to sample the sampling period is wrong and the name of the sample is 'BPM120_##' where ## is the number of samples i've been trying to make.

I tried this procedure both with all settings of Quantize on and off. 

- If instead I set  'Sync Source Select' to "Internal" on the TORAIZ the sampling time is perfect. 

 - The firmware version on the CDJ-2000s is 1.40.


Could somebody please enlighten me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!

Zig Zag

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It happens to me too... The bpm sync is not working via "pro DJ link" after the firmware update.

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