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Browse view / Waveform on DDJ-1000 screen

1. Feature: Browse view

As a DDJ-1000 owner, using the device made me realize that the onboard screens could be capable of functioning for track/playlist browsing, too. 

It would be a really nice feature to be able to look at the tracklist while browsing (turning the browse encoders) and show one extra selectable column as on the DDJ-2000 or XDJ-RX players. This would allow to quickly select new tracks to play without looking onto the laptop, and would make the song selection process more comfortable.

It would also allow to put the laptop to the sides and only reach for it when using some complex track filtering or searching for songs with the keyboard.


2. Feature: Waveform view

It would also make the device easyer to use, if the waveform view on the display would be switchable to a flowing waveform, just like the one for beatmatching on the laptop screen, which would be really useful for settting/editing loops on the fly and and having a better detailed view of the current part of the song.


I hope you find these features useful and we could see some of them in the newest updates, because this device has just so much potential and quality, that it could become a new standard in the following time.

Marcell Pigniczki

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+1 but....not sure how effective a browse view list would be on those small, fairly low rez circular screens.

What would be great is...

a) A USB screen add-on device like the Numark dashboard that adds optional displays to the popular DDJ-1000

b) DDJ-2000 with one or two additional 7" screens

Still hoping Pioneer remembers how to do flagship releases. DDJ-1000 delivered RZ features at a much lower price point. I'm hoping that leaves space at the top for something a bit more ambitious and uh.. pioneer-ing

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a) I think there would be enough space for 3-4 Songs, which would already make not neccesary to look on the laptop. But you might be right, too. Let's hope that we get to try it out.

b) For the screens, i think it would make a difference, because personally I'm not fan of having one screen, I more prefer to have them separately, which is currently so on the ddj-1000. If I see 2 waveforms on the same place my eye wants always to take over the tasks from my ears, I get to look a lot to the screen instead of the people in the club.

Marcell Pigniczki 0 votes
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