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Is the SP16 still being invested in ?

I was thinking about getting an SP16 and noticed that it took a while for live sampling and there have been no future O.S. features planned.

 Do customers feel like Pioneer are going to be investing in this product still, or do they think it has been abandoned ?

While pioneer have included the features promised, there seems to be some glaring omissions and fairly template replies.i.e. No digital filter env, are there even mutes states per pattern implemented?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have quality over quantity, and Pioneer is to be commended for keeping things somewhat simple, because obviously the more features you have, the more people want control over them.

I’d take decent DACs and encoders and build over silly features any day, and when I think of Pioneer, I think of usable products, not half baked. However on a sampler of this price, I’d expect some more control over sound shaping , such as filter envelope. Sure you can use single cycle Lfos and step mod , but this is a basic element of the competition as well as being more immediate.

It seems like a great product, can’t help thinking just a few additions would make it the ultimate product in its class. A bit more programming investment could of made a much bigger impact imho.

Christopher Duran Answered

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Yes, we're simply no longer announcing the roadmap to ensure that any delays or features omitted from the plan do not result in disappointment.


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I can understand that, I hope a a dedicated filter or eq is on the list as this is pretty standard for any sound tool. Resampling isn’t really a solution.

TBH that and pad mutes saved with patterns and this thing would be pretty complete. Of course I think the amount of individual outs are what really make this instrument stick out for me.

Christopher Duran 1 vote

I can't speak with any authority on what they're planning on including or when, but they certainly are taking the feedback provided by users into consideration for updates. Thanks for your input!

Pulse 2 votes

I also hope the SP-16 is not already abandoned.. It is a fantastic machine, a modern classic that deserves a little improvement. It's 90% there!

TREEBASE 2 votes

I agree with Treebase. As a DJS-1000 owner, there are a couple adjustments the DJS can undergo to be an ultimate tool. The Toraiz being a full blown production tool, I can only imagine the potential it has to be supreme with a couple feature updates.

ILL GREEN 1 vote

Has anyone suggested step mutes on the x0 sequencer? I noticed that when you deselect a step in the sequence, it doesn't remember the note/slice that was there when you turn the step back on. Would be fun for playing around with sequences.


So glad to hear the SP-16 will continue being developed! I just got mine and am totally falling in love with it. It's a mix of some of my favorite instruments (sp-404, MPC-1000, TR-8) but different from all of them. I feel like a lot of the criticisms I've read are because people are expecting the SP-16 to be something it's not, an MPC. I'm so thankful it's not an MPC! Please tell the developers they have made something really special and not to change it too much in an effort to be liked by people who don't understand how to play the instrument.


I'll keep making suggestions as I try to do things intuitively and find features I would like to have. Never mind the haters! Keep on making the SP better and better! 

Seriously, thank you all so much for this instrument!  

Brutus Losko 1 vote

ive had mine about 3 weeks.

bought it very cheap as owner was so disappointed with it. .. if i'd used it before 1.5 i'd have done the same.

ive just filled in the questionnaire and was amazed to see a suggested new feature as 'quicker encoders' .. i do wonder what planet pioneer are on.

anyway , despite the weird massive list of basic things it cant do (rename a file ? , midi sync , use pre existing slice settings for a sample on another track ? , remove modulation steps , copy , paste , blah blah blah) ... at least the on / off button works.

i seriously hope the automated response i see from pioneer about 'forwarding on to the team for evaluation ' or whatever i'snt just a pretence to stop these machines being dumped on the 2nd hand market.

i didnt expect a great deal , reading this forum gave me a small glimpse into what i should expect .. its basic , many basic things are missing , but i'm finding it useful at times... the simplicity can be a benefit though i'm not sure that was the intended idea behind it.

unfortunately the software/firmware support isn't much worse than many other product developers .

new feature idea - finishing the features already added.

I'm not a 'hater' , i have criticisms and an opinion  , it has some benefits over octatrack / mpc / digitakt / sp404 , but i had also expected more from pioneer as a brand... the reason there are many feature requests lists is because they're missing , not because its a well featured device. 

wayne billingham 0 votes

For me version 1.4 was the big update. The sequenece editor is amazing. It looks just like the piano roll in a DAW and makes copy/paste easy for sequences, patterns, and tracks.

That said, I would love to see midi sync, pad mutes, step mutes, filter envelopes, and the ability to chain multiple effects. All I want for Christmas is my firmware updates!

Alex Keleher 0 votes

I reported a bug in July 2018 regarding the last firmware update (v1.5).  The bug directly affects performance reliability with triggering pads while using the touch strip.  Other users have verified and confirmed that the issue is easily reproduced.  There have been NO UPDATES released since that one in June, nearly 6 months ago.  Someone PLEASE convince me that the SP-16 has not been abandoned and that it is still being developed.  I'd love to entertain a different perspective while Pioneer has me waiting for a remedy.   

Daniel Tomlinson 0 votes