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TORAIZ SP-16: Option to mute only the sequencer track when muting a pad.

Instead of muting the audio or sending MIDI note off messages when muting a track, there should be an option to only mute the sequencer track when muting a pad. This will enable more musical possibilities when working with mutes.

For example, long sounds can be allowed to play to the end, or we can jam on the pads and the touch strip while muting the sequencer for a particular track.


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This is the single biggest issue remaining with the SP16. The muting behavior is counter intuitive and hinders performing with pads in a major way. Adding a single switch in the global settings would be enough. I can't conceive how this would be such a big change in the software on the engine side - Sequencer would lookup mute status for track and global setting before deciding to emit Note On event. The mixer would ignore mute status if global setting is set to control sequencer. Every time I use the SP16 I wonder if its creators actually ever used it to play music. It's a great box in many ways but has such glaringly obvious holes. It looks like the product of smart people working in a dysfunctional team. This reflects badly upon other Pioneer products. Fix it!

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