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Poor quality HDJ 1500 (complete trash after 5 years)

Dear pioneer.

In january 2013 i bought a HDJ 1500. Im not a proffessian DJ but i wanted a headphone that i just use for vacation travel only (2 times a year). After 5 years of use (about 10 a 15 times) i found out that is was total trash. I bought it only because its quality (witch quality apperently?). Nearly everything is broken on the headphone who i always treated very well.

Is this common that this thing happen to the mighty (not so mighty anymore) HDJ 1500?

I'm realy realy disapointed. I expected a lifetime for more then a decade when i use it a few times a year.

What solution can Pioneer offer me?


At the pictures below it looks like the headphone is very dirty. But its the caoting who looks like it dissolves. I only cleaned it with clear water.

Coating who comes off or dissolves. 


Flap op plastic who came off (again the matt coating issue).


If you look good there are already cracks in the headband. (it soon gonna crack).


Foam rubber leather who cracks.



On the left side a plastic piece game off. (again the matt coating is comming off).



Cracks in the leather ear buds.


Cracks in the headband and comming off plastic.



Daan Strijk

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