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DJS 1000 arranger mode

Are there any plans to add arranger mode to the DJS? I feel like this omission was not well considered. I am constantly wishing I could chain samples together during live performances. The claim that arranger mode is only for studio use is uncreative nonsense. There is SO much that you could do with it live. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to implement, since it's right there on the SP16. 

jason meints

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I have passed this feature request to our production team. Thank you for your feedback.

D.j. Creme

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I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one, but they should at least have pattern chaining like Elektron.

I’d guess they would want to have distinguishing features on both machines, and the arranger makes the sp16 more of a production tool. Where as flipping patterns is more dj like. But pattern chaining I.e. on the fly, hitting 1,5,7 and 2 to play in that order should be there by now. It is basic and Korg and Elektron had it in the last decade.

Most decisions are made from the marketing perspective it seems, which is the short game imo that will bite you on the bum. 

Christopher Duran 0 votes

I get that they want to distinguish them a little more. As they should. It's about time someone made a proper DJ sampler. I'm very excited about it. But you're right, there are some seemingly basic things that are still missing. At least we get 64 seconds now. Makes it a bit easier to use as a remix deck, even if I can't chain. 

jason meints 0 votes


I would love a "SONG" or ARRANGER" mode on the DJS-1000. I would also like the ability to 'NORMALIZE' a sample after recording. 

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