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TORAIZ SP-16 Muting Loops When Changing Patterns

Hello Everyone,

The way I use my TSP-16 I would often have a loop playing while changing from one pattern to another. Sometimes it's good that the loop keeps playing in the new pattern without a trigger in the new pattern because maybe the loop is longer than the pattern length. But what if I want to stop a loop when I change patterns.

More specifically, imagine

- In Scene 1 there are several loops that are 4 bars long

- I trigger 4 of these loops in Pattern 1 and this pattern is 4 bars long (all good so far)

- Then I want to switch to Pattern 2 which is 1 bar long. What I want to do is to keep  2 of these 4 loops going but turn off the other 2 of these loops when I switch the pattern? How can do I get that done?

    a) I cannot save the mute state of a track

    b) If I do not re-trigger them they all keep playing

    c) If I re-trigger them they keep playing and repeating every bar

    d) The only way I can see is to trigger the loops that I want to stop but set the velocity to zero   


Is this the only way? Is this the correct way? I guess if it's the only way then it's the correct way too (let's play by the rules eh?).

Thanks for reading this far. I know it's a long question but I wanted to be clear. Please let me know if you know a better / more convenient way to do this.


Zig Zag

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Good to know. Thanks D.J. Creme and Treebase.

D.J. Creme, I think this would be very useful info to put into the user manual. The TSP-16 is my first sampler/sequencer so it took me quite a while to figure this velocity thing out. 

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