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Record Box Data base

I use my home desktop to set up my program.

And i play in my gigs with my laptop. Through ethernet and xdj rx.

When i 'm playing with my laptop, finish and then try to open my record box program in my home(desktop) always there is an error saying to me that record box can't open the data base (blah blah). Try to open an older version.

So when i press ok record box open the program as i left it when i close it in my home(desktop). It cannot see that i play in gig and keep my history or any change i made during my set.

This happens 98 times to 100. But after i install 5.4 it happens 100 times to 100.

Is there any file i can't sent to you to see whats going on?From my data base or my laptop record box library?Something?

Maybe with my mp3?Something I can sent to you?


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