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Toraiz Sp16 - Pro DJ Link


I'm thinking of adding the Toraiz SP16 to my setup using pro dj link. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with linking the SP16 to cdj 2000s (original) or cdj 900s through pro dj link and how well it integrates? Basically how well does it work when you don't have sync/master on the cdjs as opposed to the nexus/xdj range?

I have a pair of the original cdj 2000s and a djm 450 and would like to run the SP16 through the aux of the djm....not an ideal setup but I'm hoping to make it work.

Any info or user experience would be a great help.


John-Paul McAuliffe

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Hi D.j. Creme,

Thanks very much for your response! Since I posted in this forum, I actually tested the SP 16 with my cdj 2000s and while it is limited, it is still relatively usable. My only reason for not sticking with the setup was because I only had a djm 450 and ran the SP16 through the aux of the djm so I couldn't cue what I was preparing on the SP16 which wasn't ideal.

Regarding the CDJ 2000s mk1, if anyone is considering using the SP16 with these cdjs or the the old cdj 900s, note it is limited compared to the nexus range but still very usable and a great unit to add to a setup.




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