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PLX 1000 Tonearm bearings



Got the PLX 1000, and sort of happy with it after some tweaks.

And I was wondering about the play several PLX-1000 owner / users experience in the arm bearings, me included.

The bearing set screws is also glued tight, are there a reason for the play in the arm bearings? 

Or is it as 90% of the people online says, bad quality and production checks and so on...

I could understand the play, IF the screws wasn't glued. But they are. That makes me wonder if it's set like this by  a reason. Because if you set the bearing pres to zero play and lock the screws with glue, they would rarely loosen by them self's, especially when the screws are tight and difficult to loosen afterwards. Like mine was, it was a difficult task to get them loose without breaking the lock nut grooves.

After several hours googling this issue, I rarely find any good information about this, and never saw a Pioneer tech say something about it.

So I was hoping for some feedback around this on this site maybe, If you tech guys could take the trouble.

It would certain please some of the guys who actually likes this deck and maybe the other ones who gave this one up just because of this minor issue, which shouldn't be an issue.



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Tommy Nilsen

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