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Content folder


I started rekordbox and recognized that the location of every track I own was deleted. WIth about 1000 tracks this sucks hard. Now I started to relocate all the tracks.

While I was doing so, I saw, that some tracks were doubled on my USB drive. One copy is in the folder I created and one is in the contend folder inside the folder with the name of the artist.

Now I am asking myself, what is this content folder? Why was it created and how? And why are only some certain tracks inside of it.

Since I am using the beta version I thought of posting it under the beta. Maybe this is some kind of beta problem. I am using rekordnox for over a year now and this never happened to me before.

Is there maybe another option to relocate all the tracks not having to do it manually with every single track on it's own?


Der Beamte

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I think what would help is for you to outline how you got to where you are now... some useful information:

- Where were the tracks located originally?

- How were they deleted?

- Did you import them again before trying to relocate them?

- Did you export them to that USB drive at any point?

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