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Still in Waranty

I bought hdj-x5 headphones 8 months ago, the warranty still exists, one of the audifinos has broken the plastic, apparently very cheap that they use for the manufacture, I have 20 years of experience in the use of headphones, and I know how to use them , the technician who checked the hearing aids says that those kind of problems are not covered by the warranty, and the repair is € 167, the audifinos costs € 99, I am a pioneer client, I have 2 pionner cotroladores and now the earphones, this product I bought it in Estonia, where I live, and apparently they are not going to change their mind, my question is, will there be any person with a little more criteria in mind who can solve my problem, otherwise, tomorrow I will go to the office of the consumer and I will open a claim file for service and product quality, and that the warranty rights are not being respected.
I ask in a good way that someone can support a regular customer of your brand. I hope there is good support.
thank you very much

Luis Sanchez

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