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Rekordbox DJ Features/Enhancements

I would like to see a few things for rekordbox...

The playlist pallet I think should be able to be sorted by BPM or other fields also. Currently it is only track order or track title. BPM would give us mobile djs the ability to look at 3 playlists and our collection sorted by BPM at once. Great feature I think would be used by many.

Next I think the tree sorting which gives you genre, artist and title. I think that needs to be customizable to add other fields if we want.


The my tags sorting works amazing but as soon as I click a option all sorting goes away. Like I want to load music from that sort and be able to then shrink that sort menu to look at all my sorting and pick music and not have it all disappear.


Automix could use a few improvements for us mobile/wedding djs. Allowing us to move ending and intro would make sure there is no silence.


And of course the elephant in the room, hopefully the RBDMX gets a big update soon to function like its competitor. I feel it is a great implementation but lacking. Us mobile guys need static scenes for when no music or dinner music. Give us the ability to have full DMX control if we need it. Or simply allow it to go to music like its design. Gobos of course need support as well as other effect lights, lasers and atmospheric effects.
Not to bring up the competitor but it goes to the music very accurately where I seem to have to play with song frequently in RB DMX


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