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DJS-1000 See some visual indicator of the Track loaded on pad.

Hey guys!..   I've been playing with DJS-1000 for a while, and one of the thing i would definitely love is to see on the screen is a visual indicator about the track.. 

Heres is the scenario: 

I create my scenes setting the pads with multiple resource for my dj set..  Loops, Risers, Drum Kit, Percussions, etc.  

The Risers are long duration resources,  so when I trigger them,  i would like to see some visual feedback about the composition of the track, spectrum, duration, and what part of the track is been played currently. 

something like this:

So I can anticipate the movement when the track is coming to the end.   I know there's no much space available on the screen, but to have some visual feedback about the track been played is very important when I go live. 


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