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Implementation of 45 RPM functionality in Rekordbox DVS

Dear Rekordbox Project Team,
Please advise do you have any news regarding timeline for implementation of the 45 RPM functionality in Rekordbox DVS? This is almost 1,5 year since I first time pointed that out. I can see that many DJs requested for the same last months. I don't think that developing that feature would be such complicated and time consuming if Traktor and Serato have this functionality availalable from many years. I am not too happy seeing that every next updates add improvements which are not coming any bigger value for end users and although 45 RPM fuctionality is critical for many DJs - this seems to be forgotten somewhere on the bottom of the developers backlog list.

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This was a low-priority addition considering we don't have a 45RPM-optimized timecode vinyl available at this time. It's on the list but I don't have a timeline for implementation. Sorry!

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