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sp-16 / as-1 updates

I understand that you don`t give roadmaps anymore but PLEASE can it be acknowledged that we will have a new update for both of these machines in 2019. Thank you.

james thomas Answered

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Sorry - as you said yourself, we're not providing that information and I have no details to share.


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Has the SYNC bug/issue been fixed?

I'm a proud owner of the DJS-1000 sampler & I would love to add the Toraiz AS-1 to my setup. Currently, I'm waiting for an AS-1 firmware updated before making a purchase. I do understand Pioneer DJs' position of not wanting to give false hope & promises to current & new customers. I also know that Pioneer DJ doesn't want to 'spill the beans' to the competition concerning any new features, bug fixes & updates in general.

Future & current owners DO NEED some sort of indication whether or not the AS-1 is still being improved!  

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