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DJS-1000 Sample SAVE/Playback BUG

Step 1: Record live into the DJS-1000 sampler

Step 2: Press the corresponding pad on the Touch screen to the physical pad that the RECORDING is located on.

Step 3: Press SAMPLING/EDIT on the Touch screen WHILE the recording is being played.

Step 4: Press SAVE CHANGES on the Touch screen

Step 5: Rename the Recording WHILE it is playing.

RESULT: Played recording sounds as if there is an efx on it(flanger). Recording plays back normally(as originally recorded) once the SAMPLE is renamed & SAVED to the USB.

EXPECTED Result: I need to be able to record a phrase, play it back live & rename/SAVE it without altering the playback sound. 

Chino Answered

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@Chino > Sorry for the delay in responding to your issue.

Could you please explain the steps in more detail? For example, "Played recording sound" does not make sense for the engineers - they need to know how it is played. Did you press the pad to play, select the preview in the Browse screen or press the push encoder in the Sampling Edit screen? There are so many ways to play recording sound.

It would be a great help for engineers if you could take a video of the issue and link it.

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@Pulse- I appreciate the follow up. I will attempt to explain in more detail...

1. Press PLAY on the DJS-1000 & have a bunch of samples playing at once

2. Select a pad on the screen that has a sample playing.

3. In TRACK MENU press SAMPLE/EDIT on the screen

4. In the SAMPLING/EDIT screen press SAVE CHANGES

5. Rename the sample & press SAVE.

RESULT: If I attempt to do all the above while playing live, I hear a flanger type effect on the output. There is also a slight pause of all music while the saving process is completed. I did notice that if I turn the INPUT level all the way down then I don't hear the flanger effect but then I can't record a sound live. My current workaround is to not RENAME or SAVE anything while I play live. Is this by design? I will record a video later today to help the engineers better identify the issue.



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