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Problem with importing my library

It was a time tо reinstall my windows 10 so I backed up my library (only the collection) The  files were stored on external SSD. After the installation of the windows and a bunch of other stuff I moved my tracks back to the computer, installed my recordbox, activated it and imported my library back... 

All the paths are the same as the old ones:

e.g.  D:\Music\Music Folder (OLD PATH)

        D:\Music\Music Folder (NEW PATH)

The first look was OK, but when I opened some of my playlists realized that many of the tracks were with exclamation mark on... Then I opened the collection and checked all of my tracks and there were many exclamation marks (about 1/2 of my collection).

Another interesting thing is that the tracks that need to be relocated appear in my music folder as not analyzed which music folder is with the same path as the tracks that are ok...

I was certain that is my fault but when i tried to relocate a track the path stayed the same as the old one...

When I'm using Missing File Manager it says that "recordbox found 0 files", but actually they are there...


Dobromir Kirov Answered

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Ah, yeah that is a nightmare of a mess. Hope you can figure it out!

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Actually I find the problem. Now I remembered that the storage of the SSD was not enough and one part of my music was stored on cloud service. Exactly there is the problem! The cloud made archives automatically and these archives are replacing symbols like ''&'' with ''_'' ... And now it is time for hard work... 

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