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Public beta version of rekordbox 5.4.4 released on FEB 12.

Thank you very much for joining rekordbox BETA testing! Please read the following and agree to the contents before running BETA.

  • Backup your tracks and database before using BETA.

         Select [File] > [Library] > [Backup Library] in the menu bar.

  • Stable performance is not guaranteed in this BETA testing. DO NOT use in public places such as clubs.
  • We do not assume any responsibility with respect to any losses or damages including data loss. 

Please download and install it from the links below and send your feedback to us in this forum page. 


Download links :

 Public beta V5.4.4.


    Windows 64bit

    Windows 32bit


Summary of new features :


  • Added a function to share track analysis data using a server.

    If there is track analysis data for the same track on our server, track analysis time is expected to be shorten by downloading it.
When you analyze tracks on this version of rekordbox, track analysis data is uploaded to our sever and shared with other users.
The more tracks you analyze, the more users can experience faster track analysis.
Let's share track analysis data for better DJ life!

We are planning to include this feature in the subscription plan in the future.



Important notice for those who are using macOS Mojave

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