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Reinstalling Rekord

My main hard drive just failed.  All my tunes are safe, but I lost me RekordBox set up.

How should I go about reinstalling it?

Can I reload my tunes and settings and playlists from my USB stick?


I have started seeing if this works - when I put this in I get:

It asks "Do I want to update My Settings  on the device? [No]

My Tag in this device is synced with another computer.  Do yo want to delete My Tag stored in the device and sync with My Tag in this computer? [No]

My Tag will not be exported because this device is synced with another computer. [OK]

Synchonise playlist(s): This device is sychronised with another computer. Are you sure you want to synchronise with this computer? If you choose "Yes" the settings of the synchronisation will be erased

NOT SURE What happens here if I say yes - it doesn't look like a good idea - if I say no it puts me into Sync Manager


I have most of the files from my old hard drive backed up - I am not sure where any sort of library/database fle would be or what format - I presume if I could find that then I could just redirect my new rekordbox installation to it?


Alternatively I can see the contents of the USB stick in Rekordbox and could import either the playlists or the folders containing the playlists - I am not certain what that would do - I presume it would bring the tracks in as well as just the playlist infomration? (I don't want the tracks as I still have these all safely managed in iTunes)

Does anyone have any ideas or tips?






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If you have a backup of your database, that is the one to use. If not, follow the instructions here on getting the contents from your USB drive back into your collection to not lose the cue points, beat grid adjustments, etc. As for the rest of your music, place it in the new location it will live, then import it to rekordbox, analyse it, etc.

You can overwrite the sync / settings / tag list, etc. AFTER you import (above), as the USB drive was formerly sync'd with another library, and it is warning you about that.

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