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XDJ / CDJ etc. - loop mode change.


Hi there,

I was wandering is it possible to switch loop mode in XDJ 1000 to start looping backward from the point when 1/2/4/8 etc. bars are activated.
To be more clear, I don't want to play music backward. Standard loop mode works forward from start point - example: I hit 4 bars loop, and player start looping from this point. I would like to do it in a different way - example: when I hit 4 bar loop, player will go back 4 loops and play from that point.

I have recorder short video from old DJDecks program where it works exactly that way:


Michał Mikołajczak

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You want a "loop shift" (like serato) function.

You can do it with cdj 2000nxs2, xdj 700, xdj 1000 mk2 using the addon controller DDJ XP1.

  1. Enter a loop
  2. Change to "Beat Jump" mode
  3. Use one of pre defined jumps to jump forwards and backwards
  4. Try to learn how to use quantize to achieve a perfect jump

In my personal experience, to do what you want:

  1. Create a loop of 4 bars
  2. Change to beat loop while playing this loop
  3. Backwards beat jump 16 beats (4 bars) at the start of desired loop (you will need to walk 1 loop at least)

This trick needs some attention, it is a workaround because the beat loop function will move the actual playtime.

In serato the "loop shift" moves the loop but you still at the current time, so you can create and move a loop whenever you need.

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Thanks for reply, but I would like to use XDJ's ad standalone players, without additional software and laptop.

The video from software was only to show exact example of loop mode.

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Oh, i see.

You can do it already on xdj 700, xdj 1000 mk2 and cdj2000mk2, on the screen or use the Xp1 as an addon controller.

No laptop needed.

When you have one loop engaged and use beat jump, the loop jumps:


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