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Toraiz SP-16 Slices To Tracks

Just got my new Toraiz SP-16. I updated to the latest firmware. I have been playing with it for a few hours now and this is where I'm stuck.

Here is the scenario: I select a sample and switched to slice mode. I like all my slices they line up perfectly! Now I want to convert those slices to tracks so that I can sequence them. How do I do that. That seems like something that would easy to do. What am I missing?

dj bacchanal

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If I'm understanding correctly you want to take the sliced samples and use them as individual tracks. 

When you slice your audio it stays in one single track. You can program the slices to play one after another by triggering them and recording the triggers. 

If you want to have the slices in individual tracks you would have to load the same sample into multiple pads. 

Hopefully this answers your question. 

Thank you

Carmelo Figueroa
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Recording the triggers (of the slices) is ultimately my goal so that answers my  question. Thanks!

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