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Interface 2 issues

Attempting to use Rekordbox Interface 2 with Numark 4 mixer, Audio-Technica turntables, and HP laptop running Windows 10. Everything is connected properly but not getting sound through speakers but I do get playback on headphones connected to mixer when I run RB DJ software.

Driver has been download and reinstall/uninstalled numerous times. When I look in properties for interface audio there is no headphone jack available. The sound meter show movement as if music is playing but no sound. The levels have been checked and not muted and the speakers do work when I default the internal sound card which I've also attempted to disable to eliminate conflicts but to no avail.

Please help.




Joey Gaskins

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Hey Joey,

The intention is for the IF2 to be used with an external mixer (as you are), so there's no headphone option available within the software - you would use your mixer as normal to preview the songs on your headphones.

How have you configured the rekordbox preferences? Can you post a screenshot of the audio device settings?

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