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why was that very interesting RB audio engine topic deleted?



Pulse can you tell why that very interesting Topic was deleted?

the findings there where sadly true..the Audio engine of rb isn't really good. we investigated this issues made several measurements, and sadly rb has no real limiter like other dj-software. it has a weird acting compressor that even alters the Sound on channel Level bevor it arrives the mixing engine :-/ really weird behaviour at least in internal mixing mode. it was really hard to investigate this behaviour since there is no scale on the master or channel gains (you don't know when it's on real 0db).

would be really great if a pio Audio engineer can explain that strange behaviour of the Audio engine. we compared it to several other dj Software and rb had was not really good in comparison when it Comes to the Audio engine :-/



Daniel Ventura

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The post was moved for internal discussion. As you have a ticket open with our support team on this very topic, this post will also be closed. Thank you!

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