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Beta 5.4.4 Video Files / Automix


So with this coming update release will we finally be able to integrate video and audio files in the same playlist folder? It’s been long over due… Also for the Automix feature will we be able to edit the Intro / Outro of the mix? Currently the Automix Outro is coming in too soon at the wrong section of tracks. Being able to manually select the Outro would be great. 

RAR909 Answered

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Sorry, the online analysis will likely not be the only change in this update, but we don't have any information available regarding other features at this time.


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Not only can we not have Video and Audio files in the same crate but we can not even add videos to a tag list. I though this would be a work around but its not. This software is great and this is its only limitation IMO. No Dj wants to take extra steps during a fast paced set looking for where there tracks are. Please Please Please make this a priority. I have thought of another work around but I need help. Can I mass tag 50 tracks at the same time? Because if so I will tag multiple files both video and audio files with the name of the crate I'd like to have them in. Possibly in the comments section. Doing this on each individual track would take weeks.  Then I'd go to collection and type the crate name in. Collection view is the only place I can see both audio and video together. Is there a way to do this? Thanks 

Brian Thomas 2 votes

@Brian > Yes, this is a known limitation of video content, and our team has fixes for these items in the blender, but I can't provide any details on the release schedule.

As for editing, again, the limitation is to the filetype - audio OR video, not both.

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@Benji > Is that your video? I honestly had no idea that it even followed the phrases for auto-mix! 😂

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