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PLX 500 Repair

Hey Pioneer,

I was hoping to comment on my previous post about my dead platter but the comments have been closed. You guys have been more responsive on here than through e-mailing tech support so I hope this is an ok way to reach out.

I was bummed no extended warranty could be offered on my unit but I have been thinking about taking the table in for evaluation at the local service center as money is tight and I absolutely hate the idea of this table going to sit in a landfill. When I called the service center I was told that it is an $80 up front charge for the evaluation and that the repair could range anywhere from $20 to $400. Obviously they would not reveal too much as they do not know what is wrong with the unit.

Knowing what you all know about these issues, could you please give me any insight into how much I might have to spend to get the table running again? 

Also, if this is a motor issue are the replacements known to be of higher quality? The last thing I want to do is sink some more money into the table only for it to crash a couple months later. 

Thanks for any input as I just want to get back on the decks and get practicing again! You can message me directly if that is easier at tipdunn@gmail.com

Thank you guys.


Tipton Dunn Answered

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Sorry Tip, unfortunately I have no experience or knowledge what the repair would be, even to ballpark. I would expect that you'd have some kind of warranty provided on the service (may be something like 30 or 90 days), but again, I've got no information or details on the specific parts being used, like if there is any difference, etc.

I know it's a tough decision when the repair inspection is a significant percent of the original purchase cost, and I agree - it would be a shame for it to go to waste. Sorry I can't provide any further assistance, as a consumer, I hate being in that situation myself.

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