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DDJXP1 - Change Colour Shortcut - Feature Request

Handy shortcut request for XP1 / even CDJ2000NXS2 would be handy!

Ability to change hot cue colour by holding down said hot cue (+Shift if necessary) and turning dial.

Would really speed things up!

toby spin Answered

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Holding down the hot cue pad wouldn't work; that calls the hot cue (and keeps playing it if you're in SLIP mode), and pressing SHIFT+HOT CUE deletes it.

I'm sure there's a better option... like that second shift button I've been asking about for years. lol

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Two shifts!! Crikey. Don't tell the Mac users they can have two buttons on a mouse!


I guess it starts to get a bit complicated, but there's always holding down the Bank button on CDJ or Hot Cue button on XP1 - or just adding it as a mapping ability so people can choose their own.

Anyway, I'll leave that there.

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