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Is the Toraiz SP-16 a sampler yet?

The 64 second sample limit sounds inviting,
but will I be able to "live sample" from the flash drive if the audio file to be sampled is longer than 64 seconds?
Or will I get the "cannot load sample over 64 seconds"?
Is that not what a sampler does, and wouldn't that be the reason for having a flash drive option?
To be completely stand alone, will I need to also buy a multitrack and a CDJ? Will the toraiz live sample from the CDJ? What exactly is the record button for if it's not designed to retain my performance? Is this real life?
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The SP-16 will do live sampling from any audio source plugged into the input. It does not sample from the usb drive if the sample is longer then 64 secs. You don't need a CDJ to sample from a usb, the usb can be played from any usb player and connected to the audio input. The Record Button allows you to record triggers and midi information for live performances. 

Hopefully this answers your questions.


Carmelo Figueroa
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