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Toraiz AS-1 faulty BPM knob

Hi guys,


just bought my Toraiz AS-1. 
I had an unit of a friend of mine for a couple of weeks and finally decided to buy one before it goes out of stock (it seems in Europe is discontinued?).

Well... If my friend's unit is perfect functional, mine is having an issue:

the BPM knob, when I'm turning it down (decreasing BPM), is jumping over the values (e.g.: from 135 to 129) instantly.

Also, I notices a lag when rotating the knob, sometimes is taking a few milliseconds up to 1 second to change the tempo or is not changing at all until the next rotation step (or is jumping to a lower value).
Works normally when increasing BPM values. Other knobs seems to work just fine.

As far as I remember I had similar issues, many years ago with my Evolver desktop and the knobs had to be replaced (by service).

The store was informed, I'm waiting their reply.


Alba Ecstasy

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Hello Adrian,


If you are having issues with your new unit you can speak to the authorized dealer you purchased it from. If the unit came damaged from the factory you have a 1 year warranty.

Please keep in mind you will need your original purchase receipt and that it was purchased by an Pioneer DJ authorized dealer.

Hope this information helps.


Carmelo Figueroa
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Yes, I already contacted them, will decide on options: refund or replace. 
I was hopping for a bug or something that could be solved by me.
Thanks for your answer.

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