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TORAIZ AS1 and DJS-1000 midi set up

Equipment: AS1, DJS-1000, DJM 900NXS2

I am trying to set up midi for AS1 with DJS-1000. Followed all the set up instructions as available from tutorials, videos etc. 

Midi out from DJS-1000

Midi in to AS1

On AS 1 Global parameter settings - Selected Midi Slave, Midi all channels etc

On DJS-1000, selected track with input from TORAIZ AS1, enabled all midi settings, Activated all parameters as available in CC1 and CC2.

Audio out from AS1 to channel 4 on Mixer DJM900NXS2

Audio out from DJS-1000 to Channel 3 on Mixer DJM900 NXS2

I can hear audio when the track pad used on AS1 

However, when I select scale mode of respective track on DJS-1000 there is no volume. I can see midi out is flashing on top right corner of DJS-1000 screen which means the signal is going from DJS-1000 to AS1. But no sound.

Please advice/assist on set up if any and let me know why there is no volume

Ramakrishna Penumarthy Answered

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If you've turned on all of the CC parameters, you'll see that one of them is channel volume. If that is set to 0, you will not hear the AS-1 as it's being told to play silently. Either turn that parameter off or set it to something other than 0.

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Hi Disco Devil, whats CC parameters ? , or where can i find it, 

im really new on this , any help to connect my toraiz with the djs - 1000 will be really appreciate , 5 hours today trying everything .

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