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AS-1 Destructive Sequence Editing Tools

Hold the [SHIFT] button and press [RECORD] to enter sequence editing mode.  Turn the [PARAM/CATEGORY] encoder to scroll through the sequence edit pages:

Transpose -  Turn the [VALUE] encoder to enter a number of semitones to transpose the entire sequence up or down.  Press [LATCH] to execute the edit.

Reframe - Turn the [VALUE] encoder to enter a number of steps and press [LATCH] to move (rotate) the start of the sequence.

Truncate - Turn the [VALUE] encoder to select a step number and press [LATCH] to delete all notes after the selected step. This gives different results from changing [Length].

Append - Turn the [VALUE] encoder to select a range of steps and press [LATCH] to copy and append to the end of the selection.  Use this to quickly turn a short phrase into a longer sequence for further editing.

Erich Zann

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I have once tried the sequence editing tools on my MAC system and also tried to connect my iTunes as well but the connection did not get established. I have to go through the iTunes error 9 due to that. 

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