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TORAIZ SP-16 Suggestions for Improving the mixer

Dear TSP-16 Developers,

The more I use my TORAIZ the more a few ergonomic things become clear to me and maybe some improvements I would like to see would be useful for the wider audience. Here is a short list:

1) Would it be possible to have the rotary dials under the screen move have two sensitivities.

       a) on their own they would move like an EQ knob on a DJM. So with a single rotation I could go from min to max. This would be great for quickly sending some of the signal through the SEND effects

      b) while holding down shift it the adjustment sensitivity could be finer


2) When I'm switching scenes and I quickly want to see which of the 16 tracks are still playing it's pretty hard to count the tracks in the current mixer view. I'm not saying this mixer view is not useful sometimes. But would it be possible to have an other overview where we'd have a 4x4 pad display and then the little animated volume level meters would be within each of the pads. Then one could with a glance see which of the tracks are still sending sound. This way switching to the new scene isn't so harsh where some track that you forgot was playing now suddenly cuts off.

3) Finally, a related idea - would it be possible to make the actual 4x4 physical pads on the left have different brightnesses? The brightness could indicate volume if it's continuously adjustable but if it's only possible to have discrete levels then we could have three levels 1) not playing, 2) playing but volume down (sometimes I start a track and then slowly bring the volume in) 3) playing and volume up.

I hope you'll agree that these suggestions would make usability much better for users in general. 



Zig Zag

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