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Move Drag and Dropped Tracks to Top of Playlist


I currently sync my collection through the Rekordbox XML feature from Traktor to Rekordbox and constantly update it. Problem is, that when I add a couple of tracks to an existing playlist via drag and drop, they automatically go to the bottom of the playlist and I have to drag both of them manually to the top and in playlists with more than 1000+ tracks it takes a while to do. Also, if I re-import the playlist to replace the current one, that takes even longer as it imports track by track. A button or right-click option on the menu with "move to the top" should be available or that re-importing a playlist only checks for new tracks and takes a couple of seconds rather than importing all existing tracks one by one.

Tomas Cubero Maingot Answered

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If you want those newly-added tracks at the top, select the "track number" column, and reverse-sort it by clicking it a second time.

Because playlists are ordered in a "numbered" fashion, this allows you to put songs in a specific order, so newest ones are ALWAYS added last. If you want to move them, you can sort by numbered order and drag-and-drop them to the desired position.

If you want to have the newest ones at the top, AND first, reverse sort, then click PLAYLIST on the menu, and select Renumber Track Order.

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