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Library Error


I am having an issue when I try to play any song that was in my library or from one of my playlist. I get the following error "Load error, file not found". Nothing has changed with my system. I booted up today and started getting this error. My music is located on a external hard drive. All the music is still there but nothing is playing for some reason. I did do a backup prior to using this beta version of the software. Before I attempt to use that I figured I would make a post to see if there is anything I can try before wiping everything and starting over.

Thanks In Advance 

John Powell

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If you're on Windows, compare the path of the file it's trying to load with the current path of the external drive. I'll bet you'll find the drive letters have changed. To prevent this from happening, assign a fixed drive letter to the volume so every time you connect it, the drive gets the same drive letter.

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