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Song Position sync is broken


I have tested both Ableton Live with the SP-16 and Renoise with the SP-16 over USB MIDI. Both of these DAWs send the correct Song Position Pointers as I jump around the song, but the SP-16 seems to ignore the messages. When I instead set the SP-16 as master it does send a Song Position Pointer message, but only once (when the song starts) and it is always position 0, regardless of where in the arrangement I start playback from. As I jump around in the arrangement, no further SPP messages are sent.

It certainly seems like the Song Position Pointer implementation on the SP-16 is broken. This feature was introduced in firmware 1.2 and has its own settings in the settings menu, but it does not work.

It is quite difficult to integrate the SP-16 in a DAW setup when it does not follow the Song Position.

Is this a known bug? Is there a road map for fixing it?


Kim André Sand

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Our SP-16 engineers are now investigating the issue you kindly reported. Once a fix is identified they will work to implement a patch, but we won't have any information on if/when that might be available. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

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