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More possabilities with phrases

Many features of recordbox are bases on correct beatgrid, downbeat, bars AND phrases. With computer generated electronic music the automatic dedection ist good. But Rock, Pop, 70,80,90, Salsa phrases are very difficould to dedect. We need there a comfortable possability to set phrases manual. And not all phrases are 2 Bars. 

I prepared a PPT because my idea is complex. Please give me a e-mail where i can send my input.

Where do you need phrases
- Mixing with synced phrases (Not bars) you keep the music struktur.
- Very helpfull by automactic mixing.
- Reduce DMX programming dramatically because Phrase repeat always.
- FX must be Phrase synced, not beat synced
- Drum Pattern Loops on Phrases 

Manfred Aumann Answered

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