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MY TAG Automation

Hi Pioneer engineers,

As a computer engineer and "wannabe" DJ, I'd like to automate stuff. In my current setup I organize all my music in iTunes by placing the songs in different playlists (based on genre, musical characteristics, decade, etc.) and setting genre, rating... tags.

I've made a couple of scripts that write all playlist names a song appears in, in the ID3 comments tag, so that I can easily search for them in Rekordbox during a set. For example, I have a playlist "funky" containing 50 songs; the script puts "[funky]" in the comments tag, and now I can easily search in Rekordbox for all [funky] songs.

So far so good, yaay! When using CDJs with an USB drive, you cannot easily query specific words in the comments, genre... tags. Instead, you should use MY TAG to be able to quickly filter and search songs. However, I cannot seem to find a way to automatically set MY TAGs in Rekordbox. It seems as though MY TAG is only stored in the underlying proprietary Rekordbox database, and that the information is not exported or imported through XML. So for now, it seems that I cannot set MY TAGs in an automated fashion based on e.g. iTunes playlists (unless I can get AppleScript to do the job for me).

Any chance it might be possible to export and import MY TAG information in the XML files Rekordbox supports?

Cedric De Boom

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