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Want to buy a SP-16 but based on some Forum posts i am not sure.

Hello Pioneer, i was close to order a Toraiz SP-16 but some posts in this forum kind of made me sceptical if the product is still worth buying it. Some dealers in germany have just reduced the prices by 25% and that normally is an indication that it may be End of Life soon or a replacement product is to be expected. Is the SP-16 still a product that is maintained by PioneerDJ?




regards from Munich

Harry Mitschele

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Indeed it is -- our product team is still working to provide updates on the SP-16 (and its sibling, the DJS-1000), and the AS-1 as well. You'll possibly notice that many of our products undergo a price cut after some period of time. It's certainly not being discontinued.


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Hello Harry, the sp-16 is a great machine, but I not sure that pioneer work on it. They Are not even able to solve the small problems, and they give no information, just that some new toriaz gear is coming.


I like the maschine, but in the moment I would not pay more than 700 eur for it.



teja vogt 0 votes

I think Pioneer cut the price soon after release because of the backlash against the SP-16; $1,500 for a "professional sampler" with only 256 MB RAM, a cheap, plastic, unresponsive screen (when cellphones half that price have GB's of memory and glass screens) the inability to process high resolution audio (my 15 year old AMD A6 CPU can do that) and woeful midi in capabilities is asking too much, literally (not to mention the midi out problems I am still plagued with).

Claiming you can't tell future and present customers what you plan to fix in case you don't fix it and expectations are raised only highlights the low standards that Pioneer have adopted and feel are acceptable.

Posting links to cartoons in response to legitimate grievances from customers is the verification of my claims.

bandit meerkat 1 vote

Here goes my rant. Ima save everyone else the aggravation about Pioneer bitching. Here's the TROOTH - They don't care about existing customers. No matter how much bitching occurs, they DNGAF!!!! This is why I don't get into the bitching matches, save for this post :D

It does nothing. Pioneer, Like Roland = TOO BIG to GAF!!!
Have you ever seen anybody from Pioneer on a music forum, or FB group? NOPE. Only interested in pushing new products, do not listen to existing customers, nor care about them. 

This is why Behringer is getting my money these days. President of the company, active on FB and message boards. Listening to what people want. Listening to issues with new hardware and providing firmware updates in DAYS to resolve issues. I love my SP-16, but F Pioneer as a company.

GrungleThorngegrengedenn 0 votes