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DJS 1000, fader disabled when in clock mode.

DJS 1000, fader disabled when in clock mode.

I recently purchased as djs-1000 and enjoy it. Really easy and intuitive to control. My setup is traktor (running four channels), X1 controllers, 2 vinyl turntables, xone96 mixer, outboard effects, and the DJS 1000. I have the DJS 1000 clocked to tractor via USB (I have also clocked it previously using DIN).

What I would like to do is have the fader on the DJS 1000 midi mapped to control master tempo in tractor. The problem it appears is the fader is disabled when in clock mode. Of course it makes sense that fader is not needed when in clock mode, although it seems odd that it does not still transmit a midi signal so the fader can then be used to control something else. 

Is there any way to get that fader to transmit a midi signal when the device is receiving a midi clock ?  It would be fantastic if I can have that fader control the master clock in tractor !

If not, I will need to control the master lock with another device. Any suggestions ?




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The pitch fader isn't assignable to another function when the unit is in an external clock control, sorry.

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