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Pioneer DDJ400 - Filter Knobs on both channels randomly stop working

Hi all, 

I've recently purchased a DDJ 400 with Rekordbox and have noticed that sometimes randomly I might be having a mix and all of a sudden the filter knobs under the High/Mid/Low knobs on the controller on both channels will stop working.. No problems with any of the other EQ knobs when this happens.

The problem seems to be resolved by simply un-plugging the USB cable and plugging back in (essentially turning the controller off and back on again), but obviously this would be an issue when performing live and would leave me without use of the filter knobs which I use frequently when mixing.


Any one else experiencing anything similar? Or know of a reason/resolution for this?



Luke Di Notaro

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Ok I worked it out/fixed the problem. Do you use the release fx function (where you press shift and the big blue button)? If you do, it turns off all effects, including filter and any/all decks. You just have to enable it again on screen. Tick the fx box and the click filter which is almost directly under it. Now your filters will behave like normal again.

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