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Rekordbok DJ 5.4.4 beta 2 right click issues on mac Mojave

Recently I updated to Rekordbox DJ 5.4.4 beta 2, since then everything work fine with the exception of the right click command to change for example hot cue colors or to change the light scene show to a different one under performance mode. After pressing the right click you can see the secondary commands but I'm unable to select anything since everything disappear
Any idea about how can I fix this?


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Hi. To my understanding I’m running the full version of Mojave. Also just to double check I installed Rekordbox 5.5 in a different MacBook pro (touch bar model) and I’m having the same issue now. The right click is not working properly, when I want to change the Hot Cue colors or add tex to the hot cue using performance mode per examples the secondary menu is not available.

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